Study & Workshops

Our Event Supervisors volunteer to host these invaluable training workshops for students to work on the knowledge and skill needed for their competition. Find information below:

Div B & C

2022 Write It CAD IT - Zoom Workshop Recording

2022 Write It CAD IT - Zoom Workshop Summary Document

Scilympiad Training & Operational Support

1. Coach and Volunteer login: 

2. Scilympiad MP4 Demo Video (very good overview of how it works):

3. How to run a mini SO Video (Remote tournament for DE)

4. Lessons from mini SO (Southern CA BEARSO invitational)

5. BEARSO Tournament Guide (Southern CA BEARSO invitational) 

64 page pdf on DSO web site


6. Publicly released tests of the BEARSO invitational (both B & C)

Div A