Division A

2023 Division A Tournament

April 1, 2023

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Additional Resources

Science Olympiad TV (STEM Sessions and more!)

MySO Resource Library (Practice Tests, Supporting PowerPoints)

MySO Academic Calendar

Online Resources

Science from Scientist - STEM learning activities that are designed to be done Away from the Classroom!

BioBus - Discover science. Interactive laboratory classes. Online resources and more!

PBS Learning Media - curated FREE, standards-aligned videos, interactive, lesson plans for students and parents.

Science Kid - interactive learning website that focuses on teaching children the wonders of science.

PhET - interactive and fun science-related website. Built and run by the University of Boulder, Colorado.

Brain POP - interactive science learning. It is a very active site for young students with a myriad of animations, movies, and short interactive quizzes.

Earth Science from NASA

Brian Campbell, Senior Earth Science Education and Communication Lead, from NASA Goddard Space Flight Center’s NASA Wallops Flight Facility, graciously shared the following resources:

  • NASA Earth Observatory for Kids (EO Kids) Learn about NASA through some great visuals and activities. EO Kids is written for audiences aged 9 to 14. It is published with support from NASA’s Landsat, Terra, and Aqua missions.

  • Elementary GLOBE. designed to introduce students in grades K-4 to the study of Earth system science

  • NASA Space Place for Kids. This is a collection of activities and lessons for all things NASA, from Earth Science to Mars to the universe.

  • NASA Kids’ Club. Interactive stories about NASA science and research

Events FAQs

2020 Questions from you and Answers from the Event Supervisors Link

Location: Wilmington University, New Castle Campus